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We are seeing increased lead times with most of our suppliers. Between COVID19, import tariffs on steel and aluminum, a lack of qualified truck drivers, supply chain issues and a few other factors, many of our products are out anywhere from 4 weeks to four months. If you are looking for anything in particular, please get in line now!

And yes, because of the above All Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice.
Please call to verify current pricing and availability.


NEW Stainless Steel models!  Find out more...
Also if you already have a freezer, check out the 21 cu. ft. fridge only model here...   We also have 15 & 22 cu. ft. freezers

Crystal Cold 17 cu. ft. propane refrigerator Built In
Crystal Cold 18 cu. ft. Built-in Propane Refrigerator

These new models are more gas efficient than most LP 'fridges.   Five models are available in 11, 15, 18, 19, and 21 cu. ft. sizes. Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

Here are the specifications:

18 cu ft stainless steel Crystal Cold refrigerator
New: Stainless steel 18 cu. ft. Propane Refrigerator

cu. ft. unit
cu. ft unit
cu. ft. unit
cu. ft. unit
cu. ft. unit
Dimensions: 63" H x 23.63"W x 30.5" D 63.5"H x 28.5"W x  34.5"D  65.5"H x 28.5"W x 34.5"D 66"H x 30"W x 36"D 69.5"H x 30"W x 37"D
Capacity: 11 cu. ft. 15 cu. ft. 18 cu. ft . 19 cu. ft. 21 cu .ft .
Freezer: 3 cu. ft. 4cu.ft.  4 cu .ft. 4.7 cu. ft. 6 cu. ft.
Refrigerator: 8 cu. ft. 11 cu. ft 14 cu. ft. 14.7 cu. ft. 15 cu .ft.
Energy Consumption:* 1700 BTU/hr 1,700 BTU/hr  1,700 BTU/hr 1,825 BTU/hr 1,825 BTU/hr
1.2 lbs/24 hrs. 1.25 lbs./24 hrs 1.5 lbs./24 hrs. 1.5 lbs./24 hrs. 1.5 lbs./24 hrs.
0.28 gal/24 hrs 0.29 gal./24 hrs 0.35 gal./24 hrs. 0.35 gal./24 hrs. 0.35 gal./24 hrs.
Shipping Weight: 269 lbs. 298 lbs.  324 lbs. 300 lbs. 325 lbs.

$1999 white, black
$2079 silver mist

$2250 white, black
$2299 silver mist

$2325 white, black
$2425 stainless

$2399 white, black
$2499 Stainless

$2599 white, black
$2650 stainless

*Propane consumption based on ambient temps of 75F and may vary slightly.
**Costs do not include freight.

*****21 cu.ft. models with stainless doors are back-ordered until further notice.*****

For conversion of any of these units to natural gas, add $50.

*** NEW ***   Stainless Crystal Cold 19 cu. ft. $2350
*** NEW ***   Stainless Crystal Cold 21 cu. ft. $2450

 Most of these refrigerators and freezers are in stock, but there may be a lead time of 3-4 weeks on certain models/colors.

NOTE:  Appliances are not stocked locally and ship from our suppliers back east.

These refrigerators are NOT CSA-certified for our Canadian customers.

Crystal Cold 17 cu.ft. propane refrigerator (front & back)
Crystal Cold 18 cu.ft.

(front & back)

Crystal Cold 17 cu. ft. propane refrigerator interior view
Crystal Cold 18 cu. ft.

 interior view

All these units will operate on propane (LP) gas (and natural gas with the conversion), thermostatically controlled with front push-button igniter. The units need 10" to 12" of clearance above them to properly dissipate the heat from the unit. If you are planning to use one of these as a "built-in,"  pay special attention to ventilation around the unit. The built-in unit (above, left) has an 8 inch vent along the back of the refrigerator that pulls cool air in from the crawl space beneath and a bottomless cabinet above for hot air to escape. Lack of adequate ventilation will cause the unit to burn more fuel and/or be less cold. Unless proper attention is paid to air circulation, the units should have at least 6 to 10 inches of clearance around the sides, as well as the 10 to 12 inches on top. These units are the biggest and most gas efficient units made in America; they've been made, tried, and tested since the mid-1990s. The exteriors are ruggedly built and look like an old-fashioned refrigerator (sort of '50s styling). Built by the Amish for the Amish, who usually have large families and demand high performance, these heavy-duty refrigerators are designed to give decades of service. The 15 and 18 cu. ft. refrigerators are built with new Frigidaire cabinets and are retrofitted with a gas absorption cooling unit. These ship out of Illinois; call for your freight rate.

Click on this link for more propane refrigerators pictures of the Crystal Cold.

propane or natural gas chest freezer now availableNEW GAS FREEZER FROM CRYSTAL COLD.

Our appliance supply line has been hurt of late, between COVID19 and the import tariffs on steel and aluminum. Many of the cabinets for the larger gas freezers simply are not available in this country at present but we do have a new kid on the block, the CC9 propane freezer by Crystal Cold. Our suppliers have listened to you requests for a chest model gas freezer. The CC9 is $2625 plus shipping, nine cu.ft. capacity. Outside dimensions, 41.5"L x 33"W x 40"H, inside dimensions 32.25"L x 17.5"W x 26"H, 1788 BTUs; using a max of 1.5 lbs of propane per 24 hours. Call for a shipping quote on this new model. The least costly freight deal is if this can ship to a freight terminal, or to a business near you (on the beaten path) that has a forklift. For a residential delivery, there must be room for a big truck to get on and out, paved all the way, so residential deliveries are not available in all locations due to access issues.


Hear what our customers say about these propane CrystalCold refrigerators.

OTHER FEATURES include glass interior shelves, exterior available in white or bisque, heavy-duty casters for easy moving, reliability and gas efficiency, and the ability to withstand high temperatures.  There is a standard three-year warranty for the cooling unit.  The 15 cu. ft. units have a single deep vegetable crisper; the 18 cu. ft. model offers two, side by side. NOTE: if you live in a really hot, humid climate (regularly above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and over 60% humidity), we suggest the 11 or 15 cu. ft. unit. These have the same size gas absorption unit as the 18 cu. ft. units, so they are more efficient in hotter climates and are better at keeping COLD.

Do you need to vent propane refrigerators?  Find out here.

Some of the older Crystal Cold refrigerators have been installed where ventilation is inadequate, or where they have been boxed (built) in. We are discovering that where this has occurred, it may be shortening the life span of some units. It is particularly important that there be no cabinet installed above them (otherwise there's no room for the heat it gives off to dissipate), and the more clearance around the sides the better. There are new gas absorption cooling units available which will work on 15, 18 and 19 refrigerator models from 1999 to 2006; the cost of these is $750 each plus freight.  There are no replacement cooling units for the 10 and 21 cu.ft. models Instructions for changing out the cooling units is included.

Need a troubleshooting guide for your Crystal Cold?  Click here.

For the newer model (April 1, 2014) Crystal Cold WARRANTY, click here.


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Email or Call us at  1 (406) 777-4309 to get your freight quote!

WHAT TRUCK FREIGHT ENTAILS:   The best rate for truck freight shipping is to have you pick it up at the local freight terminal or commercial drop point.  A residential delivery is usually $50 to $60 more than a business delivery, and, a lift gate (which drops the goods off at ground level), is another $80 to $100 in additional fees.  Inside delivery is an additional cost on top of that.

Know someone with a truck? Can you have a dolly or hand cart on hand?  If you can mobilize a couple of strong bodies, you might be able to save $50 to as much as $120 or so on your freight costs.

Call for your freight on any of our truck freight items.

NOTE ABOUT RECEIVING TRUCK FREIGHT ITEMS:  Do not sign for anything until you have inspected your unit. You have spent good money on this, and it was shipped in good condition.  If you don't inspect it, and open the unit at home and find 'hidden damage', there is no recourse for a truck freight claim. All claims for damage MUST be made at the time of receipt of the unit!  Note any damage on the bill of lading before signing off--it's a relatively easy process to get a new unit or replacement parts if you do so.  But not if you don't inspect it!  Also, don't refuse an obviously damaged unit.  You will still be charged for it, as we will also be by our suppliers.  Freight damage is very rare (FORTUNATELY!), but proper documentation and reporting of any damage will expedite the claims process.

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