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We are seeing increased lead times with most of our suppliers. Between COVID19, import tariffs on steel and aluminum, a lack of qualified truck drivers, supply chain issues and a few other factors, many of our products are out anywhere from 4 weeks to four months. If you are looking for anything in particular, please get in line now!

And yes, because of the above All Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice.
Please call to verify current pricing and availability.


NOTE: Appliances are not stocked locally and ship from
our suppliers located throughout the U.S.

With their economical fuel usage, superior construction, and available larger sizes, Diamond refrigerators fit the bill for many families living off the grid, those seeking to reduce their dependence on electricity, or simply those who could use a reliable second refrigerator in the house or cabin.
No electricity required!  Click here to see our Diamond refrigerator offerings or here for their NEW 15 cu.ft. upright Freezer.


NOTICE:  The Crystal Cold gas refrigerators have not seen a price increase for several years; due to import tariffs we will be seeing cost increases by autumn. Be smart and buy your refrigerator now to beat the higher prices!

crystal cold stainless steel propane refrigerator


We have these in the Hawaiian & Caribbean Islands, Canada, Alaska, and with missionaries and medical personnel in Africa and South America.  Whether keeping medical supplies cold or just keeping your beer cold after a hurricane passes through, these gas refrigerators perform.

These units are the biggest and most gas-efficient units made in America--built by the Amish for the Amish--who usually have large families and demand high performance.  These heavy-duty refrigerators are designed to give decades of service.

Click here for information on individual Crystal Cold models.

 Propane Gas Freezers

15 cu. ft. Blizzard gas upright freezer
22 cu. ft. Blizzard gas upright freezer

The 22 cu. ft. upright gas freezer is the largest capacity propane freezer made, and with  two gas-absorption cooling units they keep things COLD!  Hand-made quality by the Amish in the Midwest, these have come along just in time as the Frosteks are being discontinued by the manufacturer.  Starting at $2150 plus freight.  Click here for more details.


The Amish folks in the Midwest are cranking these out, but we are selling them as fast  as they become available, Many models have 2 - 4 week lead times
Call us today at 1 (406) 777-4309 to find out availability and freight costs.

Note:  please read the important shipping information towards the bottom of this page.



Counter top drop-in gas burnersCountertop drop-ins from 2-5 burners with 3,600 - 12,000 BTU's featuring stainless steel, white and bisque in 12" to 30" models; fits in designer countertops



KITCHEN RANGE from Peerless-Premier

After a couple of years exploring the idea of manufacturing these stoves with glow bars, our supplier has informed us that, for the time being, they are going to continue to manufacturer most models without a glow bar.

Stainless steel kitchen gas stoves
Three beautiful stainless steel styles to choose from.  These high quality propane or natural gas kitchen ranges come in 24", 30" and the popular 6 burner 36" models.  New models feature sealed burners with varied BTU outputs and 10 inch or 22 inch back guards.


A variety of sizes, models, colors, and options are available including stainless steel, in these high quality natural gas or propane ranges, in 20," 24," 30," and 36" wide units.  These are high quality, American made since 1912 gas kitchen stoves at affordable prices.

To choose between different models, click here.

To choose between our new cordless DC ranges that replace the standing gas pilot range, click here. 

LP propane stove models

All these gas ranges come set up for natural gas,
but everything is included to easily convert these ranges for propane use.


NEW Battery Start Ignition
Gas Stoves from SUMMIT

No power?  No problem.  Summit Appliance now offers four basic cordless ignition ranges, available in 20", 24", 30", and 36", white only.  Drop-in cooktops are available in 24" and 30" widths, and in white, black, bisque, and chrome finishes.  Click here to see all models available.






Fun Propane Factoids:

Propane's density at 25C is .493 grams per cubic centimeter. Converting gives 4.11 pounds per gallon.
Propane weighs about 4.2 pounds per US gallon, at 60F.  Propane expands 1.5% per 10F.



The gas absorbsion process used for gas refrigeration

Here are the technical data and flow diagram on how gas or heating element driven absorption systems cool your LP 'fridge or freezer--technical but informative.

Do I need to vent my propane (LP) refrigerator?

Most propane refrigerators do not require outside venting but find out the details by clicking on the link above.

Are installation clearances that important on propane refrigerators?

Yes!  click on the link above to find out more or to order a replacement cooling unit.

Five things to check for gas absorption cooling unit failure.

Click on the above link to diagnose your ailing appliance.


LP Refrigerator Installation/Maintenance Overview
General Cooling Unit Diagnostics
Safety Valve and Thermocouple Diagnostics
Thermostat Diagnostics
Refrigerator Gives off Strong Odor / Not Cooling Properly Top or Bottom
Refrigerator Burns Excessively Loudly and Does Not Stay Lit
Refrigerator Does Not Cool as Well in Summer Heat after Working Fine over Winter
Refrigerator Will Not Cool after Initial Installation or after Moving It to a New Location
Refrigerator Seems to Frost up Too Quickly

Transporting a Gas Refrigerator
Crystal Cold Troubleshooting
Diamond/Dometic Installation
Diamond/Dometic Operation & Maintenance
Diamond/Dometic Operation & Maintenance pg. 2
Diamond/Dometic Operation & Maintenance pg. 3

LP propane kitchen appliances including gas stoves, gas refrigerators, gas drop-in range tops

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