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Stainless Steel, Propane or Natural Gas Kitchen Ranges from Peerless-Premier

Peerless-Premier stainless steel LP or natural gas kitchen stoves

Which style of quality stainless steel gas kitchen range do you like?  These styles of stoves are offered in 24", 30", and six-burner 36" models.  Click on the stove  for more sizes and information on that model. Commercial-style stainless steel models now with sealed burners and various BTU outputs feature 10" or 22" backguard or island style with vent rail cap. Models below are available with windowed oven doors.

NOTE: Appliances are not stocked locally and ship from our suppliers located back east.

Note from the manufacturer:  Constant improvements make changes without notice a necessity.


Island Style
Model P30S310BP
Sealed Burner
Model P36S328BP

Professional Style
Model P36S148BP

Features electronic clock and timer.

stainless steel LP gas stoves and kitchen ranges

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